Villain Vibes – Confetti-Card


This bewitching package includes a killer 10-pack of Halloween villain stickers and a sweet candy surprise. But that’s not all – we’ve added an extra dash of enchantment! The Confetti-Card is hand-packaged inside a clear envelope that showcases a playful Halloween confetti mix, creating a mesmerizing preview before the grand reveal. As your eerie ensemble journeys through the postal abyss, it’s housed within this clear envelope, bursting with colorful confetti. Trust us; it’s an eye-catching treat that’ll cast a spell on any Halloween enthusiast the moment they open their mailbox. 🌙💀 Don’t miss out on sending some Halloween magic right to their doorstep!

What’s included:

  • 10 pack of Halloween Villain Stickers
  • Airhead Candy
  • Complimentary Personalized Note
    (design varies depending on the occasion)

In stock

What’s the Occasion?

Tell us what the special occasion is and we will pick a card that best matches the occasion and the mask selected. We’ll make sure it looks awesome inside the Confetti-Card.

Note for Card

Add your personal touch by including a message for your recipient. We’ll handwrite it for you! Let us know below what your message should say. ***Don’t forget to include who it’s from! (Unless you want to be anonymous)***